Although my passion lies on the fiction side of the writing spectrum, my career as a professional writer has me writing non-fiction most of the time. In addition to web content articles I also write editorials and blog posts for other sites.

As a professional writer I have written on a number of different topics– from industrial paint services to comics, video games and animation. In those occasions where I get to write on a subject that falls into the geeky-vibe of K is for Komics, I’ll post the article here for further reading.



Why Full House’s Kimmy Gibbler Was NOT the Wacky Neighbor

– By Kris Moore

A comedy pop-culture piece about Kimmy Gibbler from Full House. So you know, some real adult reading here. This article was tweeted by Andrea Barber, the actress who played Kimmy, so it’s officially Gibbler Certified.

The Power of Heart: Why Ma-Ti Was Captain Planet’s Most Important Planeteer

– By Kris Moore

A vindication for Ma-Ti, the most overlooked character on Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Steve Urkel wasn’t a geek. He was a powerful sorcerer.

– By Kris Moore

Look, this was a show about a middle class African American family living in Chicago and somehow their next door neighbor invents a potion that makes himself cool? Steve Urkel was a damn wizard and here’s the proof.

The 90’s Guy

– By Kris Moore

My regular column on Slacktory where I wrote from the perspective of a guy that was still living in the 90’s– and totally loves everything about it. From Pogs to Goosebumps and every Mighty Duck Surf Ninja Crap Movie from the 90’s in between, it’s the closest thing to time travel you’re probably ever going to get to experience.

Nostalgic Books and Comics

The “Ultimate Fallout” Over Bi-Racial Spider-Man – By Kris Moore

An editorial article on the fan backlash over the new Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales and how other comic books characters who were reinvented as minorities.

Kingdom Hearts Ultimania

Awesome Looking Keyblades at a Glance – by Kris Moore

A countdown of the top ten best-looking Keyblades throughout the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

The Top Ten Most Awkward Keyblades – by Kris Moore

A companion piece that looks at the top ten worst-looking Keyblades in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Top 8 Ideas for Potential Kingdom Hearts Spin-Offs – by Kris Moore

A speculative piece about future installments in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, including potential spin-offs and side games.

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