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Comic Book Wednesday: Introducing Saturday Morning Snack Attack!

27 Jun The Initiation Page 2

K is for K-MoSince Wednesday is the day that new comic books come out, I generally use Wednesday as my go-to day for working on comic books. I figure, since I’ve already got comics on the brain, it’s not hard to work up the gumption to make sure all my comic projects are chugging along nicely.

As part of the weekly process, I’d like to bring Comic Book Wednesday to the blog and document some of the progress I’ve been making in my career. This way, when I make my meteoric rise to the top of the charts, they’ll have plenty of material to use to make my 3-D documentary/live concert movie.

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New Comic: Steel Soldiers

3 Nov

S is for Steel SoldiersA new comic has been posted to the Comics section of the site– Steel Soldiers.

This is actually the FIRST comic script I ever completed, so it’s a little on the rough side, but I decided to include it here for the sake of brevity. Steel Soldiers was an ongoing comic series that I was creating with my buddy, Blake. However, due to time constraints he was unable to keep up the art end of the project. Since we had developed much of the story and characters together, I didn’t feel like I could start over again with a new artist.

So the series never went into production, other than this first 10-page preview. This was intended to be a sample that we could send to comic publishers or to drum up interest in a web comic. Therefore, the story doesn’t really end– in fact, you might say this was just the beginning.

Maybe Steel Soldiers will make a comeback in the future, but for now I’m content to just leave it the way it is.  You never forget your first time– writing comics that is. I’ve learned so much since then that looking back on all the mistakes I made is a bit cringe-worthy. But at the same time, it’s fun to look back and see how much I’ve evolved since then.

K is for Komics

4 Nov

Greetings readers and welcome to K is for Komics, the online home of Kris Moore, writer of Science Girl and other comics.

When my parents decided to name me Kris-with-a-K instead of Chris-with-a-Ch, they didn’t realize I’d be correcting strangers on the spelling of my name, and in some cases even my gender. They probably didn’t realize I’d turn out to be as unique as the spelling of my name, either.

I realized that I wanted to write at the early age of eight and since then I’ve pursued that goal with diligence. I received a degree in English with a concentration in creative writing and have gone on to lead a successful professional writing career.

My primary interest lies in comics and graphic novels, however I write pretty much anything under the sun– from web cartoons to editorials.  This website serves as the gateway to all things K-Mo, so come in and enjoy yourself!


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