Science Girl: Double Feature

Science Girl Double FeatureScience Girl: Double Feature  features two self-contained comic stories set in the Science Girl universe, with story by Kris Moore and art by Jesse Hughes.

Science Girl in “The Magic Science of the Robocorn”  is a story about one of Edie’s old childhood inventions– a robotic unicorn named Robocorn– who comes back into her life and causes chaos. Can Edie do what needs to be done, even if it means losing an old friend?

Science Girl in  “Magical Scientist Ediko” ventures into a parallel universe where science and magic are one in the same. This parody of Sailor Moon puts Edie’s alternate universe counterpart, Ediko in the role of an anime superhero. “In the name of science, you will be dealt with in a logical fashion!”

Science Girl: Double Feature is on sale now! Please check this page for further ordering information as it become available.

Sneak Preview

Want to try it before you buy it?

Here is a preview of the fun an adventure awaiting you in Science Girl: Double Feature

Science Girl in “The Magic Science of the Robocorn”  

robocorn preview 1

robocorn preview 2

Science Girl in “Magical Scientist Ediko”  

ediko preview 1

ediko preview 2

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