Science Girl #1

Science Girl

Story: Kris Moore
Art: Jesse Hughes

When Edie’s family moves to the town of Vulcan Heights, Edie discovers that her missing robot Wilhelm has been stolen and reprogrammed by the dastardly Dr. Vulcan. Edie must break into a Vulcan Industries storage facilities to find out what other inventions Dr. Vulcan has gotten his hands onto.

Edie is a young genius who discovers that her life’s work has been stolen by a masked mad scientist named Dr. Vulcan.

Science Girl #1 TM and © Team Science. All rights reserved.

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Page 01

Page 1

Page 02

Page 2

Page 03

Page 3

Page 04

Page 4

Page 05

Page 5

Page 06

Page 6

Page 07

Page 7

Page 08

Page 8

Science Girl #1
Science Girl #1 – In Stores Now!

Science Girl #1 – On Sale Now!

Science Girl #1 is available in both physical and digital formats at IndyPlanet and IndyPlanet Digital

Click here to purchase a physical copy for $2.50.

Click here to purchase a digital copy for $0.99.

If you purchase the physical copy and would like a free digital copy, please contact us at

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