Science Girl

Science Girl

Story: Kris Moore
Art: Jesse Hughes


Science Girl is the story of Edie, a high school student and secret science whiz kid who just tries to have a normal life despite possessing the ability to make any gadget she can dream up. Her secret talents don’t stay secret for long as a mysterious masked mad scientist named Dr. Vulcan steals Edie’s inventions and turns them into his own malicious war machines.

And the crazy part is, he thinks he’s doing her a favor.

Vulcan believes Edie will be the one to save his failing robotics company and is prepared to go to any length to get Edie’s genius intellect on his side, even if that means toying with matters of the heart.

Science Girl is a sci-fi rom-com for kids young and old.

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Science Girl Issue 0

Click Here to Read for Free!

Science Girl #0

Story by Kris Moore

Art by Jesse Hughes

Meet Edie, her robot companion Wilhelm and the sinister Dr. Vulcan in this free 8-page pilot issue of Science Girl.

Please note that Science Girl #0 was created for promotional purposes and as such, some story details have been since altered.

CLICK HERE to read this issue online for free!

Science Girl Issue 1

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Science Girl #1

Story by Kris Moore

Art by Jesse Hughes

When Edie’s family moves to the town of Vulcan Heights, she discovers that her life’s work has been stolen by an evil mad scientist named Dr. Vulcan. Edie must find a way to get her inventions back without revealing her big secret– that she’s a super-genius science girl!

CLICK HERE for ordering information.

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