When I was just a little K-Mo I won a speech contest about how I wanted to make comics when I grew up.  Now that I’m older I’m actually accomplishing what I set out to do– however, I doubt I’ll ever actually “grow up.”

Although I dabble in a number of different mediums, comics will always be my passion and my storytelling device of choice.

Comics Written by K-Mo

Sugar and Spice Vs. Everything Nice

Sugar and Spice vs. Everything Nice

Story: Kris Moore
Art: Brandon! Williams

©2014 Kris Moore and Brandon Williams

Saturday Morning Snack Attack!

Story: Kris Moore
Art: Patrick Halpin, John Sowder, Johnny Wham!, Edwin Domingo, Rose McClain, Jesse Hughes, Brandon Williams

©2014 K is for Komics

Science Girl

Story: Kris Moore
Art: Jesse Hughes

©2014 Team Science


Story: Kris Moore
Art:  Patrick Halpin






Steel Soldiers

Story: Kris Moore
Art: Blake Woodruff


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