K is for Komics 2.0 – Now with a store and header sass!

2 Jun

So you might have noticed a fresh coat of paint on the place– it was just one of those moments where you look at your blog and go “no, tear it all down.” The new style of K is for Komics is designed to represent my identity as a writer using text as a visual component.

header sass

An example of some of the “header sass” you might randomly encounter on the site.

There’s a new feature for you to play around with, I’m calling it “header sass.” Depending on your web browser, each time you visit a new page, a randomly selected sassy subtitle will appear under the K is for Komics header. There’s 20 in all, so come back often and see if you can catch them all.

But the best feature of all is the fact that the K is for Komics online store is finally open. So now you can buy my comic books and even buttons from the comfort of your own home. You might notice there’s even a new product up in the store– Saturday Morning Snack Attack! vol. 2 is now for sale.  I’ll be spilling the beans all about this new anthology tomorrow, so come back and find out!

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