Doodles from Motor City Comic Con 2013

22 May

I’m a writer first and foremost, but I still love to draw and doodle. Being at a convention for an entire week, there is plenty of downtime and so the doodle bug gets to you after awhile. I thought it’d be fun to share all of my crazy convention doodles with you guys and gals.

always a bee

These two look like they’re up to no good.

batman is the night

I was excited for Game of Thrones.

cosmicat can always be cosmic

Jesse Hughes’s Cosmicat is getting a little sassy. I wonder what’s in those pouches on his utility belt. Catnip?

crazy beatnik renegade

He sure is.

every day im wafflin

A guy saw me draw this and said it was like Spongebob Squarepants, but better.

ghost egg

I mean, where else do ghosts come from? THE MOON?

grimace is a playa hater

I love drawing Grimace but I’m not always good at it.

gtfo I aint you daddy

I drew these two separate of one another but then I realized the juxtaposition was genius.

i am always on fire for you

A bunch of nonsense.

kermit people

Kermit the Frog is another favorite of mine. He’s a man’s hand.

monkeys are friends to no one

Monkeys are jerks.

pop tart is fruity

I like the chocolate ones better anyway.

rita finds a husband

Rita Repulsa is my favorite, but we’ve already established this.

straight up moon kingdom realness

Sailor Moon is my go-to doodle subject. I’ve also been watching a lot of Gay of Thrones, which inspired the quote.

taco when I grow up

Most kids just want to be burritos.

you knew what this was

You did.

One Response to “Doodles from Motor City Comic Con 2013”

  1. Jesse May 22, 2013 at 10:14 pm #

    CosmiCat carries tuna flavored kitty treets and a photo of Rob Liefeld in the belt pouches

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