Comic Book Wednesday: Flying Solo

12 Sep
Flying Solo Pin-Up

Lucy the Pink Falcon Sentinel from FLYING SOLO.
Art by Edwin Domingo

Today I’m proud to introduce the final story in the SATURDAY MORNING SNACK ATTACK! anthology– FLYING SOLO with art by Edwin Domingo and story by K-Mo!

FLYING SOLO features a team of multi-colored costumed heroes called Super Sentinel Taskforce, who are an homage to Power Rangers, Super Sentai and Gatchaman.  When the Pink Falcon Sentinel starts to feel like she’s not being used to the best of her abilities, she quits the team to forge her own path– right before a devastating monster attack.

I’ve always been interested in the dichotomy between individual and group that is present in teams that use the “sentai” formula.The idea that each member has a different power source and different abilities, but that everyone represents one group and are best used when working together.

Flying Solo Page One

Story by Kris Moore. Art by Edwin Domingo.
©2012 K is for Komics

FLYING SOLO was my chance to explore the opposite of that idea. Instead of a group of individuals coming together to form a team, we have a team identity that is so strong that the individual members of the team aren’t being used to the best of their abilities.

That might sound a little cerebral for a “snack-sized” comic in a Saturday Morning theme but don’t worry– there’s plenty of action too. In fact, check out the first two action packed pages of FLYING SOLO.

The Space Sentinel Taskforce finds themselves having to defend Jupiter City from a monster for the first time without the Pink Falcon Sentinel to help. Although we don’t see Lucy this early into the story, we do get to meet the rest of the Sentinels– Roman the Yellow Lynx Sentinel, Liam the Blue Bat Sentinel, Jimmy the Silver Shark Sentinel and Parker the Red Fox Sentinel.

Flying Solo Page 2

Story by Kris Moore. Art by Edwin Domingo.
©2012 K is for Komics

And check out the full story when SATURDAY MORNING SNACK ATTACK! makes its debut next month!

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