Comic Book Wednesday: My Demonic Sweet 16

29 Aug
Bea Texting

Bea from MY DEMONIC SWEET 16 uses her powers for the first time.
Art by Johnny Whaam

If you loved “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” as a kid, but hated that the show never featured any Lovecraftian monsters, then you’re going to be excited to read the third story in the SATURDAY MORNING SNACK ATTACK! anthology– MY DEMONIC SWEET 16 with art by Johnny Whaam and story by yours truly.

Bea is your average teenage girl– meaning she’s kind of a douche sometimes. On her 16th birthday she discovers that all the women in her family are sorceresses and that her powers are awakening.  However, when she goes out of control using her magical abilities to get everything she ever wanted, she draws the attention of an interdimensional magic-eating demon.

A Sneak Peek at MY DEMONIC SWEET 16

My Demonic Sweet 16 Page 1

My Demonic Sweet 16 Page 1.
Story by Kris Moore. Art by Johnny Whaam.
©2012 K is for Komics

Like all the stories in the SMSA! anthology, MY DEMONIC SWEET 16 is an homage to a kid’s show but with an adult twist. Unlike the other stories, which borrow inspiration from multiple sources, this story is more of a direct homage to “Sabrina” but with a  more “realistic” approach.

The idea was to make a “teenage witch” who acted like a real teenager and not some wholesome Disney princess. Bea acts spoiled, entitled and stubborn– however by the end of the story, she also displays courage and conviction.

I also wanted to play with the idea of using magic in a technology-based society.  Instead of a magic wand or a twitchy finger, Bea uses text messages to cast her spells.

My Demonic Sweet 16 Page 2.
Story by Kris Moore. Art by Johnny Whaam.
©2012 K is for Komics

Enjoy the full-color artwork for the first two pages of the story in which Bea learns of her family heritage and secret abilities.

And don’t forget that MY DEMONIC SWEET 16 will be hitting the shelves Fall 2012 as part of SATURDAY MORNING SNACK ATTACK!

One Response to “Comic Book Wednesday: My Demonic Sweet 16”

  1. Corinna August 29, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    This is going to be so cool! I can’t wait until it comes out!

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