Comic Book Wednesday: Stake and Scepter

11 Jul
Stake and Scepter Ellie and Judy

Two of the stars of STAKE AND SCEPTER — Ellie Nightshade and Judy Daywalker– as they run into the fray.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Buffy the Vampire Slayer had Sailor Moon as one of the Scooby Gang?

If so, you’re probably a lot like me and you would probably enjoy the second story in the SATURDAY MORNING SNACK ATTACK! anthology titled STAKE AND SCEPTER featuring art by John Sowder of Divine Authority Comics!

An Exclusive Sneak Peek at STAKE AND SCEPTER

Our story follows two very different vampire slayers both working together for a common goal– to take down the evil Lord Aligheri and his army of undead celebrity vampires! Ellie Nightshade was a high school cheerleader who found out she inherited the family title of ‘The Staker,” a hunter of the supernatural.

Before the start of the story, Ellie forged a partnership with a half-vampire who calls herself Judy Daywalker. Judy was a goth teen who wanted to become a vampire, but botched an attempt to turn herself and was only made halfway. She’s since seen the errors of her ways and fights to rid the world of vampires.

The team of Nightshade and Daywalker are eventually joined by a third female fighter who is straight out of a Japanese magical girl anime. However, you’ll have to wait until later to get a look at “Savior Sun.”

Stake And Scepter Page One

Story by Kris Moore. Art by John Sodwer.
©2012 K is for Komics

Until then, enjoy the first page artwork for STAKE AND SCEPTER by John Sowder. Please keep in mind that this is unfinished art and may not be representative of the finished product (which will be published in color.)

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of STAKE AND SCEPTER as part of the SATURDAY MORNING SNACK ATTACK! anthology debuting this Fall!

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