B is for Blog

25 Mar

When it comes to creating comics, sometimes it feels like the writer gets the short end of the stick. We can keep writing scripts and working in the background, but our efforts often go unnoticed because writing isn’t as visual as art. While comic artists can sell sketches and commissions at comic conventions, writers can’t exactly offer to writescripts for their fans.

The same goes with promoting their work. While artists can have blogs and Tumblrs and Facebook albums full of sketches and thumbnails, us writers don’t exactly go posting every creative  thought that comes into our head.

Oh wait. We do– it’s called blogging.

So, in an effort to make sure my plate is always full and to keep people from thinking I’m dead when I don’t have a new book to publish, I’ve decided to keep up a blog on this site.

Stay tuned for more details!

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