Mystical Battle Princess Natalie in Prime Time for Channel 101 NY!

15 Feb
Mystical Battle Princess Natalie

Mystical Battle Princess Natalie - Now on Channel 101 NY

Mystical Battle Princess Natalie is now in the prime time lineup for Channel 101 NY! For those of you who do not know about Channel 101, it’s an online television station where viewers get to vote on which shows they want to see continue. MBPN was the only new show to be voted into a prime time slot this time around!

Mystical Battle Princess Natalie is a parody of a magical girl anime series that was “created” by the eponymous Natalie– a teenage girl who wishes she was cooler than she really is. The series was a collaboration between myself and Jamie Maurer aka Rantasmo from Needs More Gay.

Now that we’ve made it to the prime time, we’ve got to defend our title. That means, more Magical Battle Princess Natalie is heading your way! And check out the first episode right now at Channel 101 NY.

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